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Shield your messages so that they are unreadable and untraceable.

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Our mission

To accelerate the advent of universally accessible privacy tools. We imagine a world where protecting your privacy is as easy as calling an Uber or starting a Zoom meeting.

Easy to use.

Safe is people driven, which means it does not matter if you are privacy expert.

Private communication.

Safe protects confidential information such as credit cards, bank accounts, passwords and more.

Completely anonymous.

Identity protection built-in. Safe does not require a phone number or email address.

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Safe Supreme

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  • 10 secured messages
  • 2 Keys Storage
  • Safe Saturdays
  • Generate & Import keys
  • Encrypt & Decrypt from any application
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$9.99 Monthly
  • Unlimited secured messages
  • Generate & Import Keys
  • Unlimited key storage
  • Safe Saturdays
  • Encryption and decryption from any app
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  • Unlimited secured messages
  • Generate & import keys
  • Unlimited Key Storage
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  • Encryption and Decryption from any app
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Very simple to use, an easy way to encrypt messages. Highly recommend!


Simple, free pgp app that's perfect when I'm on the go


Safe did exactly what i needed with no issues, plus it’s easy to use unlike similar apps I’ve tried on the App Store. Everything looks pretty good too

Mrs. Beat Murderer

Frequently Asked Questions

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Safe provides an easy way for you to protect your privacy using PGP encryption. PGP shields your messages so that they are unreadable and untraceable.

PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) encryption is a system that provides privacy protection to data like your messages.

Some examples include: People sharing confidential notes such as credit cards, bank accounts, passwords and more. Activists have used Safe to organize events, Journalists have used Safe to communicate with people under capital punishment and authoritative governments. Whistleblowers have used Safe to report abuse.

No, only you can read your messages. Even if the your message was intercepted, it would be unreadable.

You don't have to chose. Safe is a privacy tool, not a messenger. Safe is complimentary to messaging services, and our members often use Safe to encode messages before sending them through Signal, Telegram, or their favorite messenger (iMessage, Facebook, etc.). People often recommend Safe because we do not require a phone number like other apps.

Yes. Completely anonymous. No signup needed. No phone number or email address needed. No advertising.

Safe helps protect your privacy by making it easy to get started. Safe creates a pair of encryption keys for you so that you can easily send and receive private messages.

Protecting your privacy is important because it gives you the power to protect your private data from unwanted eyes like hackers, stalkers and abusive governments. With every data leak and hack, the threat of being exposed goes up (identity theft, bank fraud). Most importantly, by maintaining your privacy and security through encryption, you keep the power of your identity and privacy. You control the keys to your valuable data, instead of companies.

An encryption key is a unique file that can either encode or decode messages. There are two types. Public and private.

The difference between a public key and private key is that you share your public key with others and you don't with your private key. This is because people need your public key to send you encoded messages, not your private key. Your private key is meant to be kept safe, because if someone has it, they can decode all your private messages.

Yes, we store your public keys only when you share them them via Safe Secure links or Safe Codes. This is completely safe. Keep in mind, we never store your private keys online and suggest you backup them up on your phone.

Safe Secure links are SSL secured links that are used to share public keys, referrals and sparks. Safe Codes are also used in the same way.

Protect Your Privacy

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